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The Drunk Show - Live Comedy Brunch at the Shaw Brewpub

  • Right Proper Shaw Brewpub 624 T St. NW Washington, DC 20001 (map)

See them sober, see them bombed, join in the fun.

We all do things that are embarrassing, but rarely do we decide to do them on purpose… during the middle of the day… in public… on a stage… in front of a crowd of people. That’s where comedians differ! At the Drunk Show at Brunch, it’s embarrassment on demand. Each comedian will do a set sober, then come up again and do a set completely wasted. So grab a beer or a Steigl Radler, and enjoy watching as some drunk comedy magic unfolds in front of you.

Tickets are $15 and includes entry to the show. Brunch and beer is not included but as always, our prices are super reasonable. Hosted by DC Happyness Hours.