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Free Comedy Show @ Brookland

The Power of Positive Drinking FREE COMEDY SHOW

Tasting Room Doors Open: 5:00pm

Show Doors Open: 7:00pm

Show Starts: 7:30pm

RP Brookland Production House & Tasting Room
Comic book characters are everywhere now. Movies, television, comedy shows, weird vigilantes who dress up wander around in real life "fighting crime." At some point it we're going to hit peak superhero and people will finally stop paying to just see Robert Downey Jr. be troubled but witty for two and a half hours. But until that moment happens, you're stuck with Power of Positive Drinking and the finest comedians in DC making fun of these melodramatic fictional universes and the brightly-colored spandex-clad characters that exist in them. Might as well dust off that old collection of Action Comics, pull up a chair and have a drink!