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The Hanging [Beer] Garden of Art: An Installation by Nima Veiseh

The Hanging [Beer] Garden of Art: An Installation by Nima Veiseh

 Right Proper Brookland Production House will host a unique exhibition featuring artist Nima Veiesh on August 19, on view for just one evening starting at 6:00 pm. "The Hanging [Beer] Garden” is one-day floating art installation where patrons will get the chance to see how every canvas has two sides.  Free to the public, visitors can enjoy Right Proper beer, available in the tasting room, while walking among brewery tanks and floating canvases.

About the Artist

Featured on the BBC and NPR, Nima's unique training as both scientist and artist informs his perspective. At the MIT Media lab, he researched how systems and the natural world could be decomposed from moving parts into layers of visual representation. Training as scientist and engineer helped him develop his own instruments and enable his action painting technique, so that he can translate the many interacting layers of memory onto canvas.  

Training formally as artist as well, he differentiates his process through the unique ability to see time differently, an ability enabled by a rare memory condition called Hyperthymesia. This condition is known to affect only 50 people worldwide, and he is the only to paint using this ability. The process involves dozens of layers in order to achieve the dynamic textures that respond differently depending on the surrounding space and lighting.  He has trained at the Arts League of New York on 57th Street, The George Washington University, Georgetown University, Columbia University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

RP Brewery Production House & Tasting Room 920 Girard St NE