Thank you, Washingtonian! 

We think our growlers are pretty sexy too! And the beer is even sexier! 

Because beer tastes better when it’s bottled down the street. Right Proper Brewing Company growler, $15 for growler plus $12 to $14 per fill at Right Proper Brewing Company in Shaw.
— Washingtonian, December 2015

Casey Wilson Still Hasn't Been Fired. 

The General Manager of Shaw Brewpub & Kitchen still hasn't been fired. Despite initiating numerous dance parties in the dining room, dowsing former employees in whip cream and forcing straight customers to paint rainbows on their faces, Casey Wilson somehow manages to keep her job.  

New Mural Includes More Blood, Less Laser Beam Eyes. 

Local chalk artist, Patrick Owens is at it again.  Those who are fans of his current chalk art mural of National Zoo animals having a battle royale in the Nation's Capitol will not be disappointed in his new mural that spans the entire tasting room wall at the Brookland Production House. This time the animals have teamed up to take over the world, breaking out of the zoo and chasing humans, the animals will learn to adapt to a human lifestyle.  The mural is such a massive undertaking that you'll be able to see Patso in action and the work in progress at the Brookland Tasting Room in the coming months.